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Chief Accountant


Job Description

  • Building, organizing and standardizing the financial and accounting system including: developing processes, rules and regulations related to finance and accounting
  • Organize the accounting apparatus scientifically, economically, and effectively, assign tasks to each employee in the department and guide accountants to perform operations within their operations
  • Guide and check accountants to prepare management reports as required by the board of directors, financial statements, monthly/quarterly/yearly tax reports
  • Responsible for transactions with relevant agencies such as Tax authorities, Department of Planning and Investment, State Treasury, Customs... and partners such as Banks, customers, suppliers...
  • Directly and simultaneously report to the Board of Directors the financial and accounting situation, the implementation of financial plans for the month, quarter and year
  • Handle reports from general accountants and accountants on professional issues and revenue and expenditure management
  • Responsible for the Company's general accounting and auditing activities
  • Control the Company's accounts and prepare financial reports
  • Analyze reports, thereby capturing fluctuations in costs, debt... to promptly provide solutions to control costs according to the proposed plan
  • Control and manage the process of preparing book records, entering accounting data, accounting payment entries, asset inventory processes, preparing financial statements, balance sheets as well as other. Other relevant documents of the enterprise
  • Manage and evaluate the capacity of accounting department staff, support the human resources department in recruiting personnel
  • Implement plans to train, foster, improve qualifications, and build a team of accounting staff in the Company
  • Advise the Board of Directors on perfecting the Company's financial and accounting management system. Coordinate other tasks as requested by the Director.


Job Requirements

  • Graduated from university with majors: Accounting, Auditing and Finance
  • Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a Chief accountant position. Priority is given to Chief accountant with strengths about tax
  • Understand how to account for all types of economic transactions that arise: Firmly grasp current tax, financial, and other regulatory policies
  • Good leadership, analytical, problem solving and work management capabilities
  • Proficient in office information technology, good at using accounting software
  • Communication and presentation skills: calm, determined and know how to convince the other person
  • Personal skills: creativity in work, choosing the shortest and most effective path
  • Ability to check and evaluate work performance and employee capacity
  • Ability to withstand pressure well, honest, careful, meticulous work, persistent with numbers.



  • There are always opportunities for training and development at work
  • Working hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday and Saturday (8:30 AM - 12:00 AM)
  • Colleagues: Young, dynamic, sociable, fun environment
  • Benefits: Social insurance, health insurance according to the Labor Laws, teambuilding, annual health check, holidays according to state law, …
  • Agreement of salary
  • Contact: hr@foodmap.asia


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